The importance of a good candidate-recruiter relationship

It’s a two-way street

It is important to have an open, honest and transparent relationship with your recruiter, why? Because a recruiter can act as the key influencer in your next career move.

From a recruiters’ perspective, it’s helpful to know all about you the candidate – getting to know the real you is an essential part of a recruiters job! Building up a bigger picture of a candidates’ life can really help recruiters to understand your character and your career aspirations. By delving deeper and gathering lots of information it helps to make a much more informed decision on whether you’re right for a job both culturally and from a skills-based standpoint.

Similarly, as titled above, it’s a two-way street! A recruiter should expect the same in return. Recruiters do so much behind the scenes work that candidates are generally unaware of, so it’s vital that you are honest, prompt in your responses, and committed. Trust us, it makes a huge different to our jobs!

Recruiters have your best interests at heart

To get the most from your consultant, you need to establish a trustworthy collaboration as your consultant is dedicated to finding you the right role, so it’s important to be fully transparent. Especially given that you both have a common goal; getting the right job. So, it’s important that you are open, honest and easily accessible – be responsive, answer the phone, respond to emails and grow that relationship with your consultant. After all, if you build up a solid relationship it can lead toward a rewarding professional future for both parties.

Recruiters can help a candidate’s career journey

If you think about it, a recruiter can really help you progress with your career ambitions. When you are searching for a new job opportunity, you’re looking to step outside the business you are working for, generally due to lack of progression. So, it’s important that you build a good relationship because a recruiter is well positioned to assist you through their established network and existing client relationships. It’s quite a big deal really, changing jobs and making sure you get the right one, so it’s important that you trust your consultant completely.

Be honest!

Building an open and honest relationship is essential to having a consistent and positive candidate-recruiter relationship. Honesty is a trait that both candidates and recruiters need to look for as a mutual objective. By providing honesty, it helps to build trust and trust is a key factor in any good relationship. If you are honest with your recruiter, you’ll directly benefit because you may end up landing that dream job!

Good communication is key

Communication is a key element in maintaining a longstanding and successful candidate-recruiter relationship, as a recruiter can be instrumental in securing you that dream job. To find you the right job you need to have an open line of communication with your recruiter and be easy to reach to help you have a realistic chance of being hired.

Happy relationship – happy life!

Good recruiters can be hard to find, especially ones that offer experience and industry specific knowledge. It’s important to keep a longstanding relationship, as a recruiter who cares is heavily invested in you and your career success. So, having an open, trusting and considerate collaboration, will allow your consultant to make informed decisions throughout your career journey and are able to show that they are not solely driven by their KPIs!

To finish up

There are many benefits as to why it’s important to have a good candidate-recruiter relationship, as it can influence career moves and make the right placements. By building a solid candidate-recruiter relationship requires a blend of honesty, consistent communication, and being fully engaged.

Recruiters need to take a balanced approach to how they build up a relationship with candidates. By being personable, honest and communicative, you will get the best out of your candidates and build up a good level of respect. This in turn, will help you to make that all-important placement.

Candidates need to be patient, honest and show that they are fully committed as this helps a recruiter to act in your best interests, help you make the right choices, support you in achieving your long-term goals and ultimately, help you secure that next step in your career. Do also bear in mind, you might end up needing a team yourself one day, so if you have already formed an established relationship with your recruiter they will know what you’re looking for.

If you follow these guidelines and take time to nurture your relationship, both you and your recruiter win!

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