Thinking about a career in IT sales, does it still rock?

So, you’re considering a career in IT sales? What do you do next? We’ve got some great insight to help you decide!

First foot in the door

Everyone needs to start somewhere. To get on the first rung of that IT sales career ladder, you’ll need to think about many different factors and put a plan in place. Do your research on what companies you’d like to approach, think about the timing of your application, form a relationship with a recruiter who has the right client contacts and amount of leverage to promote your attributes. Make sure you have strong work ethics, show that you are passionate and ambitious, that you are fully committed and keen to learn about the latest technologies and industry trends – you’ll need to demonstrate all this at interview stage.

Sales still rocks!

No, sales is not dead, far from it! We all know that salespeople get a bit of bad press at times! But look at all the positives! As a salesperson, you get to be an expert in your field, as you’ll need to demonstrate your technical knowledge and know the product or service inside out. Businesses need to make money, and without salespeople, businesses will struggle to make money. There is a high demand for all kinds of technology in today’s modern world, as technology and innovation is positioned to make our lives better. You get to help people, now what could be better than that! And lastly, your earning potential can sky-rocket!

Be human

The key to any good sales professional is not about how much you’ll earn, it’s about how you can help! Don’t focus on how much money you’ll make, if your prospects do make any purchases. Instead, think about the relationship you’ll build with your prospect or existing client and demonstrate that they are your number one priority. If that means recommending your product or service because it’s genuinely the best solution to solve their problem, then great. If not, then be gracious in how you close the conversation to keep the door open for future communications.

It’s important that you genuinely care, that you’re being honest, that you tell the truth, no matter of how it affects your bottom line. Really good salespeople who ace it, are the ones who make seven figures a year in commissions aren’t the pushy type, they’re focused purely on their customers’ needs and solving their problems – ultimately, it’s all about relationship and trust building.

Know your product or service

Understanding your product or service inside out and from a technical aspect, is key to your success as a salesperson within the IT sales industry. You need to also be highly customer-focused and you’ll need to make sure your customers understand what your product or service can do and how it can help them to solve their problems, ensuring your customers understand and know what they’re buying.

We can’t stress enough the importance of learning about the latest software, hardware and services that your company is selling, this will help you to confidently sell them to prospective customers.

Did someone say, “golden nuggets”?

If we’re all honest, money is a real motivator, along with job satisfaction of course! Working in sales is a big temptation, as it can give big monetary rewards. If you think about it, most businesses count on sales operations as the main mechanism for generating revenues. And that is why companies reward successful sales professionals with recognition, attractive salaries, bonuses, commission and many other perks to keep motivation levels in full gear. Working in sales is almost certainly one of the few careers that can offer such a high income potential. If you hit your targets or exceed them, you’ll be rewarded well!

Customer service satisfaction is key

Alongside the monetary aspect, you will need to think about the service you’ll offer to the customer. There is a strong link between a positive customer experience and business success, so you’ll need to make sure that customers are satisfied with the product or service they are being sold. It’s important to make sure the customer’s requirements are met, as this will help to maintain a profitable customer relationship. To make this all happen, you’ll need to be motivated and driven with a strong desire to offer high levels of customer service, as this is what really makes for a successful relationship.

Some mind-blowing sales statistics

92% of all customer interactions take place over the phone

There is a lot of noise about how cold calling is dead, well according to these statistics which are quite staggering, it’s far from the case and that conversations aren’t dying!

It takes on average, two attempts to reach a prospect

Prospecting isn’t for the fainthearted, you’ll need to be resilient and have the desire never to give up! Be persistent and determined.

78% of sales professionals using social media outsell their peers

You’ll need to be social media savvy to get ahead, social selling really works if done the right way. It’s a great resource to start leveraging and weaving this into your overall sales activity.

Only 13% of customers believe a sales person can understand their needs

It’s fundamental that you understand the needs of the customer, you need to be able to uncover your customer’s problems and sell them the right solution.

An average of seven people are involved in most buying decisions with company of 100-500 employees

It’s unusual that you’ll meet just one potential buyer in the sales process, you’re more likely to come across multiple people that play different decision-making roles.

Personalised emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%

Don’t forget you’re selling to a person, make sure your marketing activity is personalised and human to help make a greater impact and conversion rate.


So, you’ve read the blog. Now it’s down to you to make up your mind if IT sales is the right career choice for you! Think about the job and don’t focus on the income you could achieve. Think about the valuable skills you’ll learn, the character traits you’ll develop, how you’ll perform in a sales-focused role, how it will help you in your career progression and how it will help the business you work for. Armed with all this, you should be better equipped to make up your mind.

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