Social Media: Your profile counts!

Candidates have a number of online job boards to make use of for new opportunities such as CV-Library, Reed, Monster and many others which provide job listings and automatically deliver your CV electronically. With so much information on possible opportunities already to hand and a finely tuned CV at the ready, is there any reason to use social media to find a new job?

Barclays recently published a statistic from a Jobsite social recruiting survey, showing that 93% of recruiters check a candidate’s social media profile before making a decision on whether to offer the job or not, so it pays to make sure that you are making the most of your social media accounts.

Social media should be the effective way of building your personal brand, as well as giving the best possible first impression to potential new employers. Social media provides employers with a tool for assessing whether potential candidates will be a suitable fit with their own company culture, as well as checking that they will be a good addition to their particular team.

Which social media accounts should you use to your advantage when looking for your next role? From a study carried out in September 2015 by the Society for Human Resource Management, hiring managers consider that the following are most important for jobs seekers; LinkedIn – 87%, Facebook – 63%, Twitter – 56%, and a blog 55%. The statistics confirm that if you are not using social media to help you find a job, you are at a real disadvantage!

Here are some Greenhill social media tips that will ensure that your best side shines through!

  1. Complete and consistent social media accounts: Ensure you have an accurate and up-to-date LinkedIn profile. Make sure that your profile doesn’t have important information missing, such as your current role! Consider approaching influential people that you have worked with in the past or know personally, to endorse your key skills. Check to make sure your CV and LinkedIn match exactly. Take care also to keep any posts published on your LinkedIn page related to your employment experience and skills.
  2. Profile pictures: If you are able to, try and get a professional photographer to take your picture for LinkedIn. Use the same picture on Twitter wherever possible. Never post salacious profile pictures on Facebook as employers/recruiters may well look at this profile too. No selfies taken at the pub!
  3. Facebook, keep it clean (Twitter too): Many employers search all your social media including Facebook. The same SHRM survey showed that over 50 percent of candidates disqualified themselves from a job by something they posted. Steer clear of bad language, defamatory or racist statements, incriminating info or photos, complaining about your last job, having a moan etc. If in doubt, maybe ask someone you aren’t ‘Friends’ with on Facebook to see how your profile appears when they click on it, or up your privacy settings!
  4. Spelling: Whenever possible, make sure you have used proper spelling and grammar wherever you post. Posting something like, “C U@tha wkend, lol” on your Twitter/LinkedIn and then saying you have excellent written English in your CV may raise a few eyebrows, questioning whether you wrote your CV.
  5. Use industry speak: When you’re writing a resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile, you need to use jargon from your industry. This is especially true if you’re hoping to be found by recruiters on LinkedIn.
  6. Keywords: Companies use automated searches in resumes and LinkedIn so you need to scan job descriptions for keywords and make sure they exactly match skills on your resume.
  7. Email address: Make sure your email address matches your name as closely as you can. Having something like Madskillz99@hotmail or probably isn’t the best for a creating a professional introduction.
  8. Links to your social media: Ensure that you have links to your social media in your email signature, CV and personal website if you have one.
  9. LinkedIn Pulse: If you don’t have your own website/blog, LinkedIn Pulse provides a convenient way to place your writing/blogs and receive lots of Likes, comments and views from hiring managers, as well as a good way of maintaining your online presence.

Greenhill pride ourselves in supporting our candidates through the recruitment process with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry and are well placed to assist you in ensuring your social media accounts help you in landing your dream job.

Do get in touch with our friendly team if you are interested in discussing how we can assist you regarding future opportunities within our specialist industries.

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