The Importance Of Uncovering The “Real Role”

At Greenhill we believe in supporting our candidates to understand the process of uncovering the “real role”.

Receiving the job profile and attending the first interview is a great way to understand the role, organisation and opportunity, however, how often have you overlooked key factors that impact your career and lifestyle?

How can you identify if this is the best next step for you?

I remain loyal to the belief that you should trust with your instinct. However, ensure you do not miss out on the opportunity by not dedicating your time and thought to identifying why this role is or isn’t right for you.

Here are 11 key areas of consideration when scoping out the role: 
  1. Culture

It’s an important first insight into the dynamics in which they operate and a huge factor in work satisfaction.Uncovering the culture of the team, it is vital to gage how the team works, their morale, how they interact, the mood, how do they see this position fitting into their team? It’s an important first insight into the dynamics in which they operate and a huge factor in work satisfaction.

  1. Day to day

Can you describe a typical day for someone in this position? Whether it is a new role, replacement for someone leaving or a redeveloped position; there should be a clear cut plan of the functions of the role and what is expected from you

  1. Location

This is fundamental information you need when considering the role. You need to consider the journey, costs and time taken when travelling to work on a day to day basis. We advise you check the route, take a dummy test and travel the route, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the area.

  1. Long term objectives

The objectives define the role and will help you to better understand if the role appeals to you.  What are the implications of not having this person in place? What are they missing and what do they need to achieve? What part will this person play in achieving these goals?

  1. The progression path

This is an important factor in your career and whether it will offer you the path to achieve your goals. The role may look great and it may also be a product/service/organisation you feel you can believe in, but where can I goWhat is the next step for meCan you help me develop both professionally and personally?

  1. Who will I be working with?

Who are the key stakeholders and what key relationships will I build and develop? This determines the types of people you will be liaising with and who you will be working closely with. Will I get exposure to a range of departments in the company or is it a close knit team? Quite typically, departments and teams have their own subcultures, what are they like?

  1. Salary

Your salary and financial requirements should be addressed as it is an important factor within your expectations.  Are my expectations going to be metAre there regular salary reviews? You should work closely with your consultant to scope this out before attending the interview.

  1. How will I be evaluated?

Many people forget to ask this and it can determine your progression, opportunity and career path. It can also show you who are key decision makers and who will be judging your performance. You will also have a clear guide in place to allow you to set yourself your own personal goals. Who will this involve?  How is the current team assessed and how will my success be measured?

Asking the right questions will tell you exactly where the company are investing within. Again, this may not be applicable to every role but offers a good insight into the company as a whole, current situation and future ambitions.

  1. Why did you join?

Why did the person interviewing you for the role join the company themselves? Don’t be afraid to ask this as it’s also a good moment to build rapport with the interviewer.

  1. What is the best thing about working in your team?

This is where the prospective employer sells themselves to you. We want to know what makes them different from their competitors and other companies you could join. Do this in the right way, don’t misconstrue your enthusiasm and desire for the role and you can find yourself finding out the real bonus points to why this could be the right role for you. We live in an ever increasing competitive work environment with new companies starting and ending every day.

Providing you cover these 11 points you will be in a good position to make a well thought out decision.

Please get in touch with the Greenhill team to see how we can support you in finding the right next step in your career.