Peter McKean Managing Director, Synthetix March 17, 2017

Greenhill have been outstanding. Liz and Mary took the time to understand our very particular recruitment requirements and have delivered candidates which are a great fit to our business. They are one of the very few recruitment agencies I trust and the first I pick up the phone to.

Ian Rowe National Sales Director, GL Assessment March 17, 2017

Over the past few years I have been disappointed with the quality of candidates that have been referred to me and the level of service provided by a number of agencies. I have only recently discovered Greenhill and been very pleased with the service provided.

When vacancies arise it is important I fill them quickly in order to maximise selling opportunities during the year, however what is more important is getting the right candidates and ones that fit a clearly defined brief. Agencies are very good at trying to get candidates in front of you that don’t fit the brief, this is both disappointing and a real waste of time.

It is refreshing that this has NOT been my experience with Greenhill.

Joanna Coker Head of Supporter Development, RSPB March 17, 2017

Greenhill showed a strong understanding of the role and skill set that we required. The candidates proposed matched our specification having the right skills, knowledge and experience. Greenhill were prompt with sending through candidates and responded to the brief quickly and professionally.

Ralph Preclik Director of Business Development, Tait Communications  March 17, 2017

I have enjoyed working with Greenhill on our recruitment needs for a Channel Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland. Based on my requirements, Greenhill submitted to me a short list of appropriate candidates for the position. The quality of candidates was excellent based on a proper understanding of my needs. When I conducted the first interview, it took me just 30 minutes to take the decision to employ him for the position.

What I liked very much is that during the first couple of months after having filled the position, Mary, my account manager, regularly called me to see if everything went fine with my new hire and how he was performing in his new position. This proves how thoroughly Greenhill is working. The job is not the sale, but a service that starts in the understanding of the needs, the organization of the selection process, the placement and then the after sales quality assurance of the filled position.

I can recommend Greenhill for any employment search and will chose them again in future when I need to fill a sales position.