“Other recruitment agencies are very good at trying to get candidates in front of you that don’t fit the brief. This is both disappointing and a real waste of time. It is refreshing that this has not been my experience with Greenhill.”


A dynamic organisation looking for outstanding sales and business development personnel in a highly competitive job market.

A specialist sales recruitment agency with nearly 20 years’ experience of connecting clients with talented sales people.

Sales recruitment specialist in Cambridge, East Anglia and London

Why are we different to other sales recruiters? We’re experts at placing a select number of highly-capable candidates into hard-to-fill sales roles at senior and executive level. Our knowledge of the market is second to none, and we go further than our competitors to find the best sales candidates. Simple.

At Greenhill, our aim is to form long-term, enduring partnerships with our clients. We get to know your business and its requirements deeply. Hiring sales staff through us will never feel transactional.

Established in 2000 | 18 years of specialist sales recruitment experience

Our experience tells us that there’s a big gap between a fit on paper and an enduring client-candidate match. We take time to really understand the needs of our clients and the skills, experience and – importantly – the cultural fit of our candidates. We’re trusted advisors to some of the UK’s leading companies in their search for sales talent.