Find Sales, Marketing & Executive Roles that fit

We understand that finding the right career move for you is all about aligning your aspirations and personality with your ideal job role. When you start to search for a new job, the most common reason we hear why candidates are seeking a new opportunity is due to lack of progression. Money, status and responsibilities are all secondary. With this in mind, it’s important to think about your potential employer and whether they are a good match for you culturally and socially, too.

We believe it’s really important to get to know you, to discover your ambitions, your aspirations, your likes and dislikes, as well as your skills. Armed with all of this information, it will help us find you that dream role and allow us to make sure you get instant job satisfaction, all whilst supporting your long-term career goals and ambitions.

Here at Greenhill Recruitment, we’re really passionate about the service that we offer, it’s a personalised and service driven approach that delivers you a refreshing experience.


We work with a wide-range of clients from small, niche organisations to global, blue chip corporations. We’re proud to work with some really big brands and entrepreneurial businesses, across Cambridgeshire, East of England and East Anglia. We are really happy to say that we gain a high volume of repeat business from our clients, thanks to the services that we offer – we really are a trusted sales and marketing consultancy with a different approach.


We take our time with you. We provide a one-to-one service that we tailor to your individual needs. We offer career advice and practical tips to help you with your job search. If you’re shortlisted to attend an interview, we’ll give you interview tips and a thorough briefing to make sure that you are fully prepared to talk through your skills and experience. If you get the job, we’ll stay in touch with you throughout the settling-in period to ensure that you’re happy, and will check in with you from time to time to see how you’re getting on.


Why not get ahead and upload your CV? We’d be delighted to help you find your next role.