Why being asleep on the job is no longer frowned upon

Replacing work-stress with work-life

On the back of Mental Health Awareness Week we have taken a look into how companies in 2018 consider the conundrum that is work-life balance. Analysis of UK Google search data by Bupa shows that ‘work stress’ is one of the most frequent searches linked to stress and the Health & Safety Executive state over 11 million days are lost a year at work because of stress at work. The work-life balance obviously needs some TLC.

There is already endless reading about steps to manage stress within the workplace. Instead, what interests us are the actions and perks that companies have introduced in order to make their employees feel fulfilled and valued. All of which go a long way to alleviate this stress.

Uber’s free pay protection

Uber just announced that it is to offer its eligible partners i.e. drivers and couriers free pay protections for work related injuries. Uber’s Chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi has said: “We’re committed to being better a partner and that starts by being a better listener.” The idea is to give the partners peace of mind as well to cultivate that feeling valued culture.

Alternative stress management

Asana provide nap rooms and a refreshing approach to meetings. The nap rooms are for employees to recharge their batteries and they basically don’t hold meetings on Wednesdays. We guarantee that productivity will be up and absence down on that day.

Internet giants’ employee retention and pet perks

Facebook has one of the highest retention rates of a company of its kind. No doubt this has something to do with the fact that they reward their employees with the second highest annual bonus ($33,225) according to Paysa, but more likely to do with the fact that Facebook invests in its employees careers. Employees are able to work on new projects and try out different roles within the company; based on their strengths and what they actually enjoy. There’s a novelty.

Google offer a vast array of employee perks that almost amount to the number of searches undertaken in a day, so we have singled out just a few. Guitar lessons, cooking classes along with, unsurprisingly, coding degree programs are to hand; as is a financial wellness resource. We also rather like the fact that employees in San Francisco and Mountain View can bring their pets along with them to work.

Brand USP and Customer acquisition

Some companies have harnessed a more enterprising approach. With their USP clearly at the forefront of their minds, they have created a healthy working environment by simply arming their employees with real customer experience. Airbnb cleverly sends its employees off around the world with an annual $2,000 in their pockets and Reebok actively encourages its company to sweat it out in its Crossfit classes. It makes business sense. Understanding the customer leads to strong customer acquisition.

In short..

These solutions, along with stress management programmes, reward people for the hard work and commitment they put in and create healthy productive working environments. That’s something to wake up for.


Top image is by Alexandra Gorn | Unsplash

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